Nothing comes to easy

I know there’s so much you can do

Using subconscious thoughts

I know how much that you put out there

Will determine how much and what you get back

But despite all this it still remains true

That a lot of what happens is based on what you do

Nothing comes through thought

Unless you are taking action

We all need to put work in

It’s not just going to fall into our laps

We are going to need to works hard for what we need

Because nothing in life is easy

And what comes easy soon goes.

Nothing comes easy and things gained from hard work

Will continue to flow and not go

As you harvest the seeds you have grown

Not simply hoped and waited for good fortune

To manifest for you because that rarely happens in truth

Believe in a work attitude

Not working for some one else

But for yourself

And you will achieve all that you need

As long as you stay strong and simply believe in you.

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