Broken world


Broken hearts

And broken dreams,

Reflect broken homes

And a broken society,

Of broken promises

And broken beliefs

We live in a world

Where everything is broken

And only love and light

Can heal it.

Via:Daily Prompt: Broken

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  1. There are so ‘many angels on earth’ selflessly giving “heart and light to others. change always takes time. We all have to own our own truths, and I found that helping so many people brought me to a place in character that no one can ever take away! We all have something to positive within to contribute to our wolds well being… ‘Love and Light’! You have done it again! .. Your heart is showing!!

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      • Thank you love. You especially are on the right path in telling it like it is, the truth about should, and could be! (And of course, in my my comment the word wold’ should have read world’s. Keep talking to the world, many are listening! Especially the youth … they are wise beyond their years in these turmoiled times.

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