Speed demon

I run like a leopard through long grass

Travelling at top speed, no one can stop me

As if I am chasing my prey

I am speeding through many places

As if I am participating in races

I am just a blur as I pass you

You are just colour blurs in my visionary periphery

My muscles stretched to the limits

And my sinews start to burn

My feet are on fire as I manifest and transcend

Into neutrino speed

Faster than sound

Faster than light

Head down back straight

Legs pumping like pistons

And behind me just a fiery dust

And an inconsequential past

In front of me is an unknown entity

But now in this moment I travel

At lightening speed, feeling free

Living the dream as nothing gets in the way of me

As speeding bullet I flash in this present time

With nothing else in my mind but speed

And feeling the ground beneath my feet

And I get the sensation of being free.

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