Acceptance of identity

What a world we live in

All seeking acceptance

For who and what we wish to be

In this messed up society

Male or female or non binary

Gender fluid relativity

People can should be what they want to be

Regardless of acceptance by society

This need to have yourself accredited

Could be seen as attention seeking and negative

Just identify as to the authentic you

Don’t worry what others think or say about you

It’s not your business how they perceive you

Because you know it’s wrong and not who you are in truth

It’s just an image created within their own minds

Of you it does not have to define because it’s just their imagination

That they are inclined to let run ahead of truth and facts

So be authentic in how you act

And being who it is you need to be

But understand that if you label yourself

They will put you in a box, turn the key and you are locked

Into that identity and definition for ever more

And you could be even more restricted than before.

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