Wandering mind

My mind it wanders

Across all the boarders

Across multiverse

In poetry rhyme and verse

It wanders through conscious thoughts

Learning from lessons taught

From the experience of life

That showed me love and light

My mind wanders

Like a nomadic soul

It crosses realms hitherto unknown

I have gone down deep

Within the soul

Disappearing down a wormhole

Of rainbow dreams

And beautiful scenes

Travelling through voids

Like make believe and fantasy

Except this is our true reality

Of every single manifested belief.

3 thoughts on “Wandering mind

  1. i think you just speak for every artist out there! My mind wonders so much. It never stays in one place. But I think there is something beautiful about that though. I think we can find some sort of beauty in freely flowing and not being bounded by anything on earth. Thank you for sharing this piece!

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