Absolute knowing of the inner self

I connect to the mystical inside me

I connect with myself and listen to myself breathe

I know that all of the answers residing in me

I understand that I can achieve as long as I believe

Anything that I want achieve

Be anything that I want to be

It’s not up to anybody else it’s all up to me

And every answer that I search for

And the life I seek lays there dormant

Waiting for me to activate it

To bring it to life through my conscious mind

And within me I have the capability

To set my spirit free

To reach out and construct a new me

Seeing things differently

This world is real

But what we believe

Is all illusory

If its what we have been fed

That poison in your head

Is other people’s views and beliefs

So go down deep within you

Connect your mind and soul

And find your own answers

Be strong and be bold

And cast aside everything you think you know

Accept that you know nothing at all

And start again

From new beginnings

And you will get there in the end

To that place authentic

To the real you

Casting off the lies

And living in truth

It’s what’s within you

Mystical and true

You are filled with love

So let that light shine through

And be the peace and be in that mindful place

To grant your life a state of bliss and grace

That vibrates at a higher state

Of frequency and being within you

For I am doing the same

I am on that path

And I am never going back again

Don’t look for it out there

For it’s in you

Be the impeccable light

And set your spirit free for all to view

And you will finally get to meet the real authentic you.

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