Dragons, dragonflies and Huffle-winks and the girl

She crept in silence down to the swamp

And saw the dark cave where nobody goes,

This whole place shrouded in eldritch trees

Primordial feeling of preternatural bewitching,

The swamps felt alive yet was as green as the trees

Lily pads sat upon it and things below the surface were moving,

As dragonflies hovered above with fireflies

There was a hum and an eerie kind of dim light

And as she crept around to the cave via a ledge

Within she saw two large yellow eyes and smelt its sulphur breath,

Then as she entered feeling brave and yet scared

She saw the dragon laying right there,

It stared at her as she studied its scaled skin

And the fact she was standing here started sinking in,

Then she pulled out a game called Huffle – Winks

And waited to see what this great beast would think,

She explained she believed it would do her no harm

That she believed the dragon relished a life that was peaceful and calm,

The dragon nodded its head in accent

And lit up the braziers on the walls in its den

And she saw the whole place was Luminescent and golden

And floor made of soft loamy moss on which to sit in relative comfort

And the pair then settled down to play this game of Huffle – Winks

And in this moment they spent together nothing else existed

And the dragonflies and fireflies fluttered in and out of this place,

They played until she knew the day was soon to fade away

Then on leaving she asked if she could visit again,

The dragon nodded it’s head in a slow but a deliberate way

And she could have been mistaken but she was sure that it smiled

And she vowed being the dragons friend would now define her lifestyle.

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