I sit here in a dark and empty room

I feel the pain and hurt that’s caused by you,

I gave everything to you in truth,

Yet it seems it just was not enough.

I gave you my heart, my soul, my love

In return you said it just was not enough,

You ripped out from within me, my heart and soul

And ensured as you walked out that door

You’d leave me cold and hollow,

With no reason to think of better tomorrow’s.

Hollow me has no chance or hope to dream,

Hollow me what else can I do but forget you

And move on, though I know that’s so hard to do

But what choice have you left me with?

I can’t allow my life to end because of you

I have try and find how to heal in truth,

To find a future that’s brighter without you

Though hollow, I am not sure at this present time,

It’s something I can do.

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