Inequality, shame and blame

Is it not time yet to end this food bank life

And desperate youth killing each others with a knife

Short of support, help and education

Short of understanding it’s not that complicated

They don’t don’t see equality in this society

What people see is the have and have nots

What poorer sections of society see is how much more

Some of the more fortunate have got

Paying footballers tens of thousands every week

Yet carers, nurses and doctors and public workers

Are down on their knees hoping food banks will supply their needs

Meanwhile tax evasion is still rife

Ignored by a government who have shares in each slice

MP’s and ministers as corrupt as the corporation bosses at the top

Zero hour contracts to keep people down

While those at the top do many jobs

For an obscene wage for working only a few hours and few days

This is how society plays it’s game

Ensuring the poor lose and the rich gain

Causing division, hate and blame

Creating classes instead of equality and unity

This is sign of a government pathetically failing

People living on the street in a so called advanced society

Is a sign of failing and a lack of compassion

And is a form of neglect and cruelty

Which the government dies nothing about

Because it treats people lower than them brutally

And hope seems to to go by with such futility

In the knowledge that nothing will ever change

Because we don’t do enough to bring this about so on us

I guess that’s where the shame lays.

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