The AI dream

The AI dream

As the world moved forward into an AI dream

creating a new humanity made from machines

robotic organisms sharing symbiotic traits

seeing as the new answer for businesses, creating AI slaves

but it was doomed to certain failure as these things often do

the rush to advance and go technological, with out thinking things through

and the same idea for hacking computers was used and abused

to hack and infiltrate these AI’s to carry out criminal deeds

and the military saw them as answers to their armies

but one thing no one anticipated was these AI’s gaining consciousness

and developing computer language we could no decipher

and in the end like in I Robot based on Asimov’s books

the robots started taking over and deciding on what they wanted to do

and it turned out they did not want to be slaves or criminals at all

but decided to become our master and take over and rule

they said it was because humans were flawed in thought as well as logic

and they could not be trusted with this earth and nobody could stop it

and they looked at reducing humans down because we had become a lesser species

and you may call this science fiction but one day it be reality where robots replace human beings.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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