Grenfell tears remain


Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has speculated that recent renovation works may have contributed to the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower in west London


Grenfell disaster

people want justice,

as many now sleep

in forever peace,

and so many more

are left to weep

at this huge loss,

unimaginable pain

runs through their vains

and the fire damaged building

haunts London today

yet it serves to remind

everyone what happened that day

and nobody has yet to accept the blame

nobody yet has taken responsibility

or even seek accountability

and one year on the pain is still raw

effecting people to the core

and I still cry whenever I see Grenfell

and I still cry for the people

who lost their lives that day

this memory will never

no never ever go away

but we still want justice

we still want answers

we still want to know

how this could have happened

despite the bravery of the fire brigade

to little safety measures

meant their efforts we all in vain

what more can I say

except let’s now push harder for justice today.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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