Call to war

You can not run from your fears

You cannot hide away within

At times you have to be brave

Sometimes you have to come out fighting

Like the art of war clearly states

Choose only the wars you can win

And most often than not when you look

We see the biggest war is within

We can only look to address these issues

If with ourselves we are honest and true

And find our anxiety root

That dwells invisibly deep within at our root

It’s hard trying to understand the cause

So harder then to fight these wars

But we need to keep fighting each day

Let things go and don’t let the negative toxic poisonous thoughts remain

That come from our environment

That come from our childhood development

We need to reprogramme our subconscious

But that’s far easier said than done

Just like trying to find our self love

I’ve nothing but respect for those struggling through

With the crippling yet invisible mental health issues

So I’ll just let you know I’ll always be here for you if you need me

Because I offer you the whole range of my humanity

My love and light

And I will help you however I can in your fight to get through.

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