The whale song and her

She walked along a cliff top edge

And watched the sun as it set

Knowing nothing of regret

She neither remembered things

Nor chose to take the chance to forget

And as she looked out across the ocean

She somehow got the notion

That she could hear the song of distant whales

And as she listened she heard their song

It started to carry her along

And somehow she visualised and understood just what they said

The message was becoming clear to her

That everything was intrinsically linked

And that they like us are creation borne

And universally were torn between

Swimming oceans or the cosmic realms

And that we all had this choice

Through our subconscious mind

To live this life as we defined

We are the authors of own stories

And as such we can live wild and free

By simply setting sail within life’s sea

And they told such sad and happy stories

As she sat and listened to the songs

While perched upon the cliff

And as she closed her eyes

She found she was lost in rhyme and rift

And felt her soul and spirit truly lift

Her to higher frequencies that saw her dive in to the sea

And swim off to join the whales in cosmic dreams

Never to ever be seen again.

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