Dystopian or true reality

What! So you think Mt reality is some kind of dystopia dream

Some kind of imagined reality

Well tell me is seeing disemboweled victims

And streets filled with dead children

Of brutal wars with no cause

Starving families covered in flies

Living in desert waste regions

Seeing victims of abuse and oppression

Is this your kind of paradise reality

Is this you ideal society

Where people sleep rough on the street

Where millions need food banks just to survive

Is this you ideal wonderful life

Do you think I make this shit up

When it’s there for everyone to see

Or do you just choose to ignore and block it and call me obscene

Blind to the horrific genocidal realities

The despot and totalitarian realities

The culture where the rich crave corruption and greed

Where the poor are left to die

As the failed trickle down theory no longer provides

No more crumbs for you and me on which to feed

Do you believe this all a fantasy

Where others are building their little fascistic dreams

Which is no conspiracy theory

Purging all ethnicities based on colour, faith and class

But the right questions are never asked

This society, this world in which we live

Is not a dystopia fantasy

This is truth and a fucked up twisted

Horror show reality.

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