The puppet masters ventriloquism

The voice of people should be their own

They should be unique and individual

Or else we become puppets of ventriloquists

Using words that merely posit

Their views, their dreams

Their aims and desires

Forging re-enactments of their insidious beliefs

Based around war, death and destruction

Revolving around selfish greed and corruption

Do you even know your own voice, your own views?

Have you even a clue what it is you wish to do?

Or are you contented with this puppetry life?

Are you happy with someone controlling you all of the time?

This is no existence, this is no way to live life

This is an obscenity and humanitarian crime

Speak out with your own words that spring forth from your own thoughts from your own mind,

Speak out from your primal instincts

Not from what it is you’ve been taught

Those domesticated and conditioned beliefs

Have precious little to do with you or me

They are just forms of ventriloquism and puppetry

I will be no slave to the puppet masters

I will be no impersonations of the shadowy men

Who govern us through compliance and their insipid control

Using their money and power to own each person’s soul

And convince them to bow down and give worship to them

I am not puppet I am an authentic real genuine I am a unique, individual human.

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