I am not your archetypal sort

My views and beliefs are all self taught

Based around my own thoughts

Within my own conscious mind

Questioning all truths and beliefs

One thing that I have seen is nothing

Is ever what you think it to be

We accept to much compliantly

Accept what we are so blindly

We never seem to dig deeper to see

If what we are learning stands up to critical scrutiny

We must ask questions and look at sides and aspects fully

If we are to find the truth of all things

You cannot just fall into line like a sheep

Following every word that they preach

Accepting every thing that they teach

Abiding by every single policy

Because when others understand you just accept their bidding

They will feel they can do anything without you questioning

Then they will exploit you

Then they will abuse you

Because then they will believe that they have control over all you do

Stop and question everything

Don’t be the archetypal compliant being

Scrutinise all that you’re told

And question all the beliefs and teachings you’ve been sold

And you will see this is good for the soul.

5 thoughts on “Archetypal

  1. I really like this! Archetypes are for people who need classification and neatness to make sense of the world. I especially like that you feel nothing is “Is ever what you think it to be”. I have felt the same way for so long that I now find it comforting. I’ve accepted it and to some extent, live by it. After all, life has an infinite number of possibilities so how could it be predictable? Nothing wrong questioning form-fitted belief systems and accepting that all things are possible. Very nicely written.

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