Colossal misgivings

I suffer colossal misgiving in believing

That the world in which we live in

Is safe in the hands of governments

Who keep reiterating the same old archaic lament

That answers can be found in corporations need.

A group of business men who seek nothing but greed

Despite their literature saying that they share our beliefs

They continue to frack and cut down trees

And pollute our lands, sky and sea

Polluting the very air that we breathe

I am not buying into their policies

And I am not falling for their lies or veiled atrocities

That they carry out under the banner of corporate greed

I have more understanding and integrity

That to fall for their slick advertising hype

And our governments are borne of similar types

Securing places in the boardrooms when they retire

Of the companies that their policies inspired

These corporations to continue exploiting

And filling their pockets which is so disappointing

Because governments are not here to help and aid environmental crime

They are supposed to protect it over time

They are supposed to work for us

Representative of the people but they have lost touch

With what good governance really means

Finding a way to bring about equality

And nurturing earth’s ecology

But they have all got lost in corruption and greed

So believe me when I say

That the time has now come for change

They can alter their ways and do things our way

And if they can’t the should get out of our way

Because we are the future

We are the wind of change

And we won’t stop until we finally bring about the day

When equality and ecology becomes top the agenda of all governments.

3 thoughts on “Colossal misgivings

  1. Perfect!
    When the people lead, the leaders follow. Works every time!

    We are now going into the days of integrity, when greed will be no more.


    Wonderful sharing!
    Thank you greatly!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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