Comfort in our own skin

Are we comfortable in our own skin

Do we understand fully where we end and begin

Do we recognise the source of all being

Are we all working towards a happy ending

Sending love and light out across the universe

Looking at trying to heal the hurt

Of a beautiful planet but a suffering world

Self inflicted damage of which humanities the scourge

Wanting, craving way too much

Not prepared too settle for just enough

A lack of sharing, caring and showing love

Is something that will end up coming back on us

So cast aside all material greed

Focus on what it is we really need

A spirit and a consciousness that is clean

Unique and individual, wild and free

That resonates beauty and manifests dreams

Of a united state of equality

Working with each other to build a global peace

Free from the destruction the war machines wreak

Building a fairer society

And governments that actually work for the good of you and me

Where it seeks to nurture global ecology

And along with it consideration for other species

So if we’re comfortable in our own skin

We know just where truth begins

And understanding this will bring about a happy ending

And a hope that humanity and our earth could be mended.

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