She loves adventures

She is one of those girls who looks like and adventurer

A Lara Croft type with that strong warrior mind

She fit and she is smart and ingenious and intuitive

A body sculptured into shape by working hard to get and stay fit

Knows her mind and not afraid to talk straight

If you stick you nose in her business it’s something she might break

She has no fears, no worries like that,

She’s always on the front foot ready to attack

Backing down or running away has never been her thing

I would get permission, if of her you try to start seducing

She is not shy about giving anyone a bruising

Who she has felt has crossed the line

Or shown her disrespect

But she can have a good laugh the same as everybody else

Yeah she loves romance even though normally by herself

She looks for men of love and strength in mind,

She don’t care much for wealth

So don’t try impressing her with big cars and your bling

She is much impressed with guys with muscles that are rippling

She is into spiritual existential types

Unique individuals who know their own mind

She is as firm in mind as she is in body

Curves in all the right places and desires so hot, but that’s another story.

She is a super fit, beautiful girl,

Adventuring around the world

Gaining lots of experience and whole lot of knowledge

About many diverse subjects and different topics

This girl is amazing and wonderful to see

Wild and restless, her spirit is free.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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