The God principle

Do you think God wants disciples and slaves?

Subjugating their lives in his name?

He just wants everybody to share his love

Just wants everybody to feel his touch

He is not a ruler and does not want people to bow down

Does not want them to simply drown

In religion that is a man made created thing

Believing that God is always sitting judging

But we judge ourselves like we cause our own suffering

Our pain is a self inflicted wound

God created us to be free and gave us free will

He wants us to love and and share the peace

Wants us to unite as a humanity

Wants us to live life existentially

Not spending life in subservience always bow at his feet

Living in fear of every thing we do

He put us here to make the most of life and live it too the full

Not believing or being used as a man made religious tool

You don’t need a priest of vicar to speak to your God

He is omniscient and so full of love

He can hear you if you speak, when you cry and in pain

You God is with you always and will never go away

He will be with you till the very end

Helping you along the way to journey here, there and back again.

7 thoughts on “The God principle

  1. Regardless of what each persons beliefs are, you, my friend, have a great message of peace…and I thank you for that message of peace! (You are a prolific writer so I had to create a folder in my email dedicated entirely to you. That way I can read and respond at my leisure).

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