I dance in the rain

I splash in all the puddles

I climb trees so as to be one with nature

I ride my bike, through forests weaving in and out of trees

I just get so out of breath, that I can hardly breathe.

I play football in the park with my son

Jumpers for goalposts we have so much fun

Up at the crack of dawn until the day is done

And it takes me back to when I was young

Yes it takes me back, being childlike is so much better

Then being grown up, with all the weight of expectation

So when you get the chance take it grab it with both hands

When everything is on top of you

Just let it all go

And think of all the things you loved when you were young

And recreate them with nothing on your mind except freedom

Clear your mind of all the stress in your life

Just have some fun and just go wild,

Find that child in you, find that innocence you once knew

And just let go.

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