Respecting animal species

Using reasoning to understand how we treat other species

And what we see means their numbers are rapidly decreasing

As humanity with its limited understanding keep feasting

On animals farmed for our greedy carnivorous desires

But suggest serving their pets up on a platter

Wagging tail, big sad eyes does it really matter

Is there anymore wrong in eating animals

That spend their days lucking their balls like dogs and cats seem to do

Mind you we say they are dumb but it’s us running around cleaning up their poo

Are they really as dumb as we think

As they sit watch confused as we choke on their faeces that stinks

So what defines our belief that its wrong to eat dogs and cats

In the orient it’s an actual fact that they see nothing wrong with this

Same comparison can be made between fish

Like why it’s different to consume cod, sprats and anchovies

To eating koi carp or goldfish

And don’t ask if fish careless

With a two second memory they were not blessed.

Where do I stand, well I think its wrong

Eating meat is a swansong or our physical health

That eating animals is no different to eating ourselves

Cannibalistic and depraved the way we choose to behave

Eating other species everyday

Like we have the right but we seemed to have lost sight

That these like us are all God’s creatures

And we should use these words to teach us

That as omnivores we do not need to eat meat

Whether it be dog, cat, cow or sheep

We need to learn to respect all other species.

11 thoughts on “Respecting animal species

  1. Your going to make yourself sick? Your voice is becoming loud! Passion can cause so much agony at times! Deaf ears? No. I hear it in your voice, what to do when many are listening, and yet so many are not! Hugs to you Fauxcroft! And if I may add…animals are being run over at a huge rate! Left on the side of our roads as if their lives mattered not!! Oh humanity will suffer the consequences of blind eyes! Once, I was driving home from town, and someone had run over a squirrel.Well, I never forgot this moment because the mate of that squirrel sat in front of it staring at the oncoming traffic! It would not move! Broke my heart. The right to live in peace belongs to every living creature, plant, trees, etc. I appreciate the time that you take to call awareness to so many important topics! Thank you love! Thank you!

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      1. How do we undo the damage and devastation? The animals are not so voiceless… their voice is in their eyes! I live around the forest animals. The deer come right up to me. I have learned this. You are magical Fauxcroft … You too have become their voice! đŸ™‚

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