Angels conferring

Angels gather in cosmic realms

To share experiences and to tell

Of how those they overseen

Have risen to the challenge

Or failed miserably

Those who rose up were not often the richest or the best

Sometimes they were some of the poorest

Sometimes those who failed were not all of the weakest or poorest

Sometimes they were the strongest and the most elite

The angels shared thoughts on how some had no humanity

While others had so much is manifested explosively

I realms of spirit these angels conferred

Amazed how humanity was so absurd

Paying to live on a planet that was there’s to occupy freely

Living in paradise,

Yet they destroy it daily

These angels could not believe

Humans ignorance or arrogance

Yet some dazzled them with their creative brilliance

Angels cry at man’s flaws

But vow to stand by us forever more

For angels are divine beings

And are born to forgive

From spiritual love filled essences.

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