The sensual agreement

Her hands placed flat against the wall

Her short tight skirt stretched

As legs spread wide

The breath she could feel upon her neck

In this dark dank alley she shared love

Or rather I should say a moment created for pure lust

As she felt hands slip around her waist

Under her top onto her bare tummy

And upwards over her perfect breasts

She gasped at the expectation of what comes next

As she felt the breath upon her ear

Nibbled and bitten her passion was clear

Grinding and rubbing her backside backwards

She felt the hands move down and pull her skirt upwards

Then down round her knees her panties came down

And now everything was swirling around

As the blood raced through her veins

And her temples and organs throbbed

She wanted this more than a lot

She begged to be taken

Begged for it hard

Needed the lust and for a climax to start

It had been a while and so she needed this more

Than anytime she had needed it before

She felt the strong hands gripping her hips

Felt him slowly penetrating

Not just her body but being and mind

She felt her essences flow so sublime

With every thought out and precision thrust that he gave

Each one taking her breath away

Rocking in rhythm and moving in time

She reached he peak time after time

As this expert in movement, in timing, in sex

Made her moan so much and go weak at the legs

And after they were done they went back to the bar

Both had a drink, they made it a large

Then she smiled and kissed him tenderly on his lips

Then turned and walked off for they both knew that was it

And she spoke to her husband at the other end of the room

‘thank you’ she said ‘that was the best one yet, now let’s get home and go straight to bed.’

Needless to say he nodded in assent

For this was all part of this sensual agreement.

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