I don’t wish to be doom and gloom

But I can’t help but think soon

This whole earth is about to erupt

In response to our destructive ways

And we can talk about heading off to space

But there is no planet B you see

There is no point in spreading like a disease

We need to learn to change our ways

Learn how to nurture and appreciate

Focus on how to navigate the natural disasters

Spend money on this instead of wars

Learn to unite to work to solve the problems as one race together

Combining minds and ideas

Never having to live in constant fear

We can evolve and take our place as a more peaceful race

That understands priorities and puts them in first place

Instead of letting government and corporate greed

Dominate humanities needs

And understand the balance needed for our ecology

Or we can all just sit back watching

Believing it’s inevitable that our earth is surely going to erupt

And simply explode and then implodes

And leaves us in a state of extinction.

7 thoughts on “Eruption

  1. So true I had to like it after the first few lines before even reading the rest. I wish we all knew how we could accomplish this. I guess those of us who do need to keep doing much more of what we are doing. Is it stupid to ask just what it is that we are doing?


    Liked by 1 person

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