Patina covers everything

Over time I’ve sat here in my home

And life has come and gone

And time has flown

And all the things have gotten old

Just like my looks and soul

And I sit here staring at the antiques

And I see the patina and my eyes weep

The greeny brown film is covering everything

And if I had the eyes to see

Maybe I would have witnessed

The same film creeping over me

As a show of age that’s passing

But unlike my antiques I know I am not so everlasting

Sitting in this place, this home

Everything has grown so old

Everything has been left behind in time

And cobwebs dust and patina covering everything

Are not the only signs I can see

I see the age through the wrinkles and the grey hair about me

This will be eulogy that will end up defining me

At the end

Covered in patina dust and cobwebs.

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