Words of power

Words are power

Words can kill like guns

Controlled by those who don’t care enough

Words can incite hatred and death

Words can lead to the loss of breath

To those who are innocent but get in the way

Then they claim those words that they displayed

Were simply jokes and they never meant it

These people are completely demented

They don’t know the power of the words they use

So they use them to hate and abuse

Then as reaction by those easily lead

Act on these words and leave people dead

People need to take care of the words

That they use because they cause hurt

It’s not a intellectual thesis or point of view

It’s simply the brutal truth

Words are dangerous used by the ignorant and hateful few

And those who die because of this leave their blood on you.

3 thoughts on “Words of power

  1. Thank you for writing about this! It’s a shame that so many people use their words for evil, instead of good. Words can either be poison to a soul or medicine for it. We must always choose wisely. Beautiful post, my friend! 🙌🏽

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