Nobody sees me

Little dreams lead to big hopes

I know myself to be invisible

In my own way my words are all I have

A chance to be listened too

A chance I’ve never had

Nobody ever takes me seriously

In the world that’s so called real life reality

I barely register and no one ever sees me

As someone who can do anything creatively

I am just little insignificant me

Living through dreams of poetry

I am just an illusion of reality

Nobody sees me because I am invisible

People never really ever take me seriously

Because they do not know the real me

Not even my family

They don’t see what goes on under my skin

They see what they want to but never shown interest in me

Nobody ever has seen what’s deep in me

Because nobody truly listens to me

I am not the type of person people listen too

They see me as not that bright and treat me as a fool

Because they don’t know me

Because I am invisible

They’ve never wanted to hear me and when they tried

They stopped and thought I was some deluded fool

So I live my thoughts and dreams through my poetry

Little dreams that create big hopes

And maybe I am fooling myself in thinking this way

But it’s the only way people listen to what I say

And I still remain invisible to all

As I do time and time again

And it hurts sometimes

But I am now used to it.

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