Hits and misses

My head explodes in confusion

Blood seeps out of the contusion

I feel deep into an abyss

Head spiralling, I am in a mess

Yet my heart it feels the zest

Of new experiences

It beats so hard as I fall

And I can not even recall

How I got here, how I found myself

Is this abyss I just hope I am blessed

And that I get out of it alive

I am doing my best to survive

As different colours

Different images of angels and demons pass by

I want to duck my head and hide

But I can’t even do anything to shut my eyes

I find myself falling out of control

It takes me back to the rabbit hole

Where I bared my soul

Where I felt my flow

And in a golden glow

I feel as if there’s stories here to be told

Of ancient histories and memories

Where my my mind can’t be deceived

I sense for the first time like I am free

Is this an abyss of nightmares or dreams

But maybe that’s my duality

Maybe this is my conscious reality

Maybe this is transcendence

Maybe this lacks any substance

Maybe this abyss is bottomless

Maybe this is a dream that is limitless

Who knows when I will stop falling

Maybe someday someone, will hear me calling

But this is, just what it is

A life of falling and hit and misses.

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