Wrong love


She said she loved him

Truth is she was to scared to be alone

Didn’t want to be a single person in need

She craved the attention it was not love

Being with him was better than being with nobody

In her world that was how it seemed

Yet she cried a river of tears

Claimed her heart was broken

This bloke who disrespected her

Was always so controlling

He treated her so bad

And her made her so sad

But she was desperate to not be on her own

And he knew this and abused it

This was his way what can I say

Yet she was willing to hold fast anyway

It gets you thinking has she got no self-respect

I’d feel sorry for her but that would be wrong

And I hear she listens to nothing but sad love songs

She doesn’t understand that love she had was wrong

And when it’s finally over she can then find a good one.

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