Wasted time

I’ve spent to long waiting

Waiting for opportunity

To knock at my door,

Thinking at the right time

Good fortune and good things

Will just appear and all will right

And suddenly bathe me in light,

While I patiently sit and bide my time.

But things don’t happen like that

You have do something to coax it in,

You have to give the light reason to choose you

To start shining on all you do,

Because there are millions just like me and you

Wishing and hoping for change and opportunity,

Silently meekly and obediently

Waiting for synchronicity to seek us out

But after all this time of waiting and doing as I am told

I’ve decided to take a hold

Of my life while I still can,

To make things really start happening,

Life has not benefited me

I am as poor now as I’ve always been,

Lacking the ability to travel far and wide

And to be existentially free.

2 thoughts on “Wasted time

  1. Yep, you have certainly got that one right. “Help thyself” ought to have appeared in the Beatitudes or Proverbs. Much as we may fantasise about gods and universal consciousness the responsibility for our own life lands firmly at our own door.

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