Good intent and openess

When you are driven by good intentions

And sharing kindness and attention,

On those who struggle throughout this life

We will ultimately find,

That we get what we deserve

A life of far less hurt,

A life of greater opportunities

Because you have chosen to believe,

That love, light, peace and positivity

Is the right path and the right journey,

To shape these moments and future years

Seeing far less need for tears,

As we shine our auras like bright lights

And allow ourselves to be guided by the stars at night,

We will have forged our way to bliss

And all because we followed this

Road of love, kindness and attraction

And lit up life as a reaction

And let the universe within

And opened up our hearts, eyes and consciousness,

To a lifestyle far more blessed

And the spiritual caress,

Of the source which sets the tests

That we need to set ourselves free

From a life of suffering and misery.

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