The grief syndrome

So many lose love ones and then grieve

They carry it with them like it’s a disease

But because we are made of energy

No one dies

They always right here all the time

They never truly go away

They live in your memories and mind

Live on through the stories

That are told throughout time

And their light may have just gone out

But they’ll be back again

And one day we’ll be reunited then you’ll see

There is no real reason to grieve

But instead to celebrate their life

And their goodness with delight

Because our time is so special

So enjoy it while you can

They would not want us upset and sad all the time

So try to see the love and know that as energy we never die

They just go on to living a different life

So be happy knowing one day we will reunite

In the realms of the spirit

In the realms of conscious reality

So don’t ever feel guilty if you decide to celebrate rather than grieve.

7 thoughts on “The grief syndrome

  1. FC, This is an exceptional truth in which you write! When I was 26, my Dad sat me down to tell me that he had six months to live. To this day, I live by his precious words… He Said” tell them about me, (my sons) if you stop talking about me then I will truly die”! I live for everyone I have lost! Their loss has gotten me through everything on my own! Their remembrance is my light and strength. At Christmas time I wrap red bows around my pine trees for each lost friend, and loved one who had thoroughly touched my heart by just who they had been while alive! On Saturday’s, here, we have our breakfast brunch( Friends), just know that we are each enjoying your well thought out poetry in which so many others will and do enjoy! You never fail to deliver!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Bless your heart! We love you in my neck of the woods! Stand true to your words and feed the world with truth.. the small tiny nudge into freedom of being true to ones self!

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