Conspiracy theorist or critical thinker

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinker

See what happens

When your opinion differs

From what’s taught by society

They call you a weirdo and a freak

Conspiracy theorist

Or critical thinkers

Are are offensive to those

Who go through life in blinkers

Do I believe all these theorist say

Not but there are elements of truth displayed

I’ve never met anyone in any walk of life

Who has found all the answers and got it all right

But there are lots of answers and truths in the mix

Lost in a whole world of confusing statistic

Take what you believe and what you need

And leave the rest behind for others to feed

Put it together like a jigsaw puzzle

But don’t get concerned if you don’t get the riddle

Nobody has yet in life

But at least you’re working on the right lines

Like questioning everything that doesn’t seem right

Read between the lines and keep an open mind.

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