Mosaic life

Life the cracked mosaic

The experience of being human

The journey from seed to dust

That is based in dualistic agony and ecstacy

Where love is everything

Yet we choose to experience so much hate

Where happiness is always freely available

Yet we choose so much suffering

In a world so easy to care and to be kind

And yet ego cause us to be mean and selfish

Where light can flourish

Yet darkness grows

And peace could be abundant

Yet wars rage on land, sea and air but also in our minds

There is no learning to be gained from this

If you never give yourself to both

And the more you experience the negative

The more you should fight for desire and promote the positive

For contentment of the heart and soul

Can only be found in love, light, peace and kindness

Only suffering and misery can be found in war, hate, ego and fear

We may only come by this way once

Why would you not want it to be joyous and wonderful

Yet we may also come this way often

So why would you not want to revisit something to be loved

Rather than to be feared.

The cracks in our mosaic life

Are ones that we create

And yet we have the skills to fix them

And make the experience of being human an amazing state of grace.

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