The art of still life

Stillness is a place of calm

In a world of chaos

It is the tranquil bliss

In a maelstrom of being

A proclivity towards harmony

Rather than positing the frantic

Stillness is self control

Over falling apart

When we are still we see more clearly.

When in chaos we are blind

When stillness we find answers

That are more easily defined

Than is true in the frantic mind.

6 thoughts on “The art of still life

  1. “Stillness is a place of calm
    In a world of chaos”

    A beautiful ideal. A lovely poem. I am a 21st Century hermit but was not always still or calm. Is is possible to be still as a factory worker? In some ghastly office? In an investment bank?

    If you seek calm in a world of chaos and you are 24 years old instead of 62 and retired how do you find it. I have no idea.

    Perhaps calm and stillness can be had in the mind regardless of external “reality”. If you are a buddhist master. I never was.

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    1. I work in an office and when it all gets to much or too loud I just go into a mindful still trance like state, still aware and alert to all around but without thoughts cluttering the mind. Works wonders but takes much practice as all things that do you good require.

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      1. I gave up working in an office when I was 34. I could not take a day more. I was an investment banker/stockbroker. The difficult thing is how on earth one can avoid such stress while still managing to pay the rent! I have no idea what I would do if I had my time again. Academia perhaps.

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