When birds fly

When the birds fly south

We will know when summer ends

But when they fly away and are never seen again

Will that be out extinction

Will nature and creation take care of other species

And leave to face the eternal darkness all alone.

This is a warning

Maybe a foreboding

I know not what is prophesied

But I see through the lies of corporations

And governments

And nothing about what they do or says ever makes much sense

Because they’re all about greed

So when you see

The birds fly away never to be seen again

Maybe then you’ll buy into this self extinction

Brought about an arrogance

And an ignorance that convinced us not to change

Our dirty and destructive ways.

9 thoughts on “When birds fly

      1. That is so true. Showing kindness costs nothing and you never know who is in need of it. It’s always great connecting with kind souls and I am very glad you share your kindness freely without fear. 🙂

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