I know the land where the lemon-tree flowers..

I know the land where the lemon- tree flowers,

I have seen it’s pretty blooms

And it has the fresh clean scent of you,

I’ve seen the pretty lemon citric fruit,

I love it’s taste and its flavour

In the same way that I love the taste of you,

You are the taste that I choose to savour,

While comparing the prettiness and the shape of you.

I notice the lemon

Has the same smooth and shapely aspects glowing as you do,

The same fine texture

I really want to make you bloom,

Like the lemon-trees do,

In all their pretty adornment

Leaving me bamboozled,

By your fresh and zestful way

Who knew it would be lemons and you I crave,

We can share a pretty picnic

Under the lemon trees

In a land that is so pretty

Where I can stare so deeply

Into your deep and sumptuous pretty eyes.

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