Ragged edges

Ragged are the edges of a life that is raw

Being carved out in the moment

By a chisel and then sawn

From a piece of sculptured wood

And not knowing what it’s for

We just go on creating hoping that we will discover more

But without a plan or design we are just feeling our way

Using our intuition hoping that will be OK

We sculpt a life that we hope may resemble a masterpiece

Not a tattered piece of waste of time

Only good for the scrap heap

But not everyone has vision

Not everyone can see

The nature of their artwork

That they are trying to conceive

So it’s up to us to help each other to guide us along the way

So we can create a life that’s good

In which we can be proud to proclaim as ours

Which is unique to all our needs

Sculptured from the passion we bleed

That is fresh in individuality

And then those rough edges will the become smooth

Because we used all the right tools

To hone and polish off our work

And left us with less chances of being hurt.

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