Sad story

I’ll tell you a story

About a girl I knew

She was so much fun

She was beautiful

She had a sculptured figure

Curves in all the right places

She put a smile on so many mens and women faces

She was adored

Men and women crushed on her

She was never short

Of people wanting to be with her

And she was so clever too

She had a high IQ

Possessing wisdom through and through

So why was life so cruel?

She was found one day

She had taken her life one day

It seems that though

As popular as she was

She always felt alone

That some no one understood her

And though many tried

She hid the tears she cried

Bottling up inside

Who she really was

She decided to hide

And just put on a facade.

How could we have known?

That’s hat people say

She never gave anything away

I guess that’s true

But do we really try

To find the real person that we admire inside

Or do not really hear

Maybe we don’t really listen

Maybe we avoid seeing the tears

And deaf to all her cries

Because we are too wrapped in ourselves.

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