Crazy corporations and governments

I don’t want your wars no more

They no longer have a cause,

It seems they are all part of one big scheme

To act out powerful governments dreams,

Backed by the banks and corporations

They’re leading the world into annihilation,

Causing ecological obliteration

Bringing about humanitarian devastation,

Is this a new method to keep us in check?

Leaving so many peoples lives wrecked,

So they have no option but to surrender themselves

To these powerful forces who offer to serve and protect

But the only ones we need protecting from is them

These crazy, corrupt corporations and governments,

They understand the people are the power

And in unification can achieve our finest hour,

We must rise up and resist them

Be more humanitarian

And show everybody the way

That governments are sick and depraved,

For destroying nature and people day after day

In the name of their hungry greedy ways.

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