Fresh and new

Fresh and new

She was willing to give him

He was down for seducing

This beautiful soup and amazing woman

She wanted his passion as well as his touch

He wanted to savour her flavours so much

They made their love stand In the dark of the night

Both perspiring love as their bodies rise

To the height of their climaxes

In the stifling heat

They made the most of the moment

And of the ecstacy

Something so new

Something so fresh

Without feeling guilty

And time that they shared was one where they both cared

Then he left her sleeping

As he disappeared

Slipping off into the night

Not to be seen again

And as she slept she dreamt

Of all she just did

With the blessing of her husband

Who let her do this

As way to reignite excitement in her life

A selfless act allowing his wife to express and enjoy

Something fresh

Something new

And would share the story with this guy in detail and truth

As a way of saying to him I am so happy thank you.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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