I have needs too


Never had money or much in the way of material possessions

So I am going to put this right with the law of attraction

To get myself just what I need

This is in no way about greed

It’s about getting something for me this time

I am going to focus on attracting more wealth

While also appreciating my good health

And when I get money to ease my life

I will do what I know to be right

I will look for ways to enrich others too

Help those who need me in truth

To pull them up with a helping hand

No ones done this for but I understand

It is not about what others do

It’s about me being authentic, caring and true

I struggled all my life so I think it’s about time

That I focus on myself for a short while

But I will never stop helping and caring for others

I am not like those who can’t be bothered

With the hardships that others go through

If you need a hand I will always be there for you

But I need to take care of myself as well

Provide for my family the best way I can

I don’t want this to make me sound a selfish greedy man

That’s not my way I just want to do what I can

To free myself from a life of stress and debt

And it’s about starting right here and doing my very best

And continuing to work hard and hope that I am blessed

By the law of attraction because I’ve tried everything else

This is not just all about me but also everyone else

Helping my family

Providing for them is not about greed

So please understand this and please don’t judge me badly.

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