Paradise is just a thought away

Paradise is just a thought away

A moment of imagination that comes your way

A spark of inspiration to which we are all slaves

We are the poets and the writes trying to amaze

With images of colour and light

Sometimes darkness on the other side

We paint masterpieces with the use of words

We exude the unbelievable and the absurd

Into stories where we weave words

With fine threads that resonate and touch the nerves

Of those reading and enthralled by prose and verse

So we try and sculpt every word

In a way that is easy and pleasant to be heard

Not lost in to translation

The whole of our fascination

Is finding away to make people laugh

Finding away to make people cry

We try to get right within their minds

To resonate and create a vibe

That makes each word we write come to life

And knowing we can do this

And hearing this truth

Is to all of us who do this proof

That paradise can be anywhere you look

If you just open your mind

And see it through imaginative eyes

Which is how we choose to live our lives.

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