Dreams are a vital part of us

We were blessed with the ability to dream for a reason

It’s a part of our conscious mind that feeds our creative thinking

It is that part of our mind that spurs on our inspirational believing

Without dreams what would we be but empty soulless shells

Without dreams we would be just live a vacuous hell

Our dreams are things that urge us on, that keep hope in our lives

I dream of love and beauty and that brings me back to life

I dream of nature in all it’s glory and it creates in me a light

I dream of a united humanity and that keeps my fighting the good fight

I dream some surreal and abstract things that make me think outside the box

And these dreams expand my boundaries and thinking

About where reality starts and stops

My dreams take me to the multiverse and to the stars and back

Dreaming is an aspect of my life in which I do not and will never lack.

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