That’s truth

Light can never be shone in the wrong place or at the wrong time

That’s truth

Love can never be shared by the wrong people by enough people

That’s truth

Words are power they can destroy or can raise and lift us up

That’s truth

Peace is the only hope for humanity we all need to discover this sanity

That’s truth

The answer to who we are and what we’re here for resides in you

That’s truth

No else can make decisions for you no can live your life but you

That’s truth

Kindness and compassion are the only way to leading a happy life

That’s truth

So with so much truth so obvious to see, why do we choose to live life through the lies

That’s truth

Because society is unbalanced and unjustified, in promoting so much hate and so much violence

So may wars leaving the innocent silent

Government and the media are to blame but they’re supported in every way by us

That’s truth

Time to opens ours and our minds and look for better answers to define

Where humanity chooses to go from here, its own salvation or extinction

That’s truth

And the answer must come from the people it must come from the likes of me and you

That’s truth.

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