The art of nature and nature of our minds

The grandeur of the green verdancy

Intertwined with a rainbow range of blooms

Under a resplendent summer sun

Stimulating the senses and emotional feeling for love

And the resonance of beauty everywhere about the eye can see

As if from a scene of some paradise divinity

Where angels plays on clouds of iridescent degrees of filigree

Of abounding mystical, magical tracery

This whole landscape I see is familiar to me usually

Yet today with open eyes and open mind

I see a landscape of imaginary

That seems somehow alien and yet more beautifully astounding to me

As I realise we have the power to see

That which we wish to see and in which wish to attract from belief

In moments of discovering a greater scope of visionary imagery

That stems completely from our conscious reality

And to this I vow my loyal fealty

To all of nature that to me resonates a picturesque masterpiece

Of artistic joyful supremacy.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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