I love the closeness

What do I love

I love that first touch

That first smell

That first kiss

The texture of another’s lips

The emotions as they mix

I love the warmth

The holding close

I love the intimacy most

Of just being entwined

Looking deep in each others eyes

And sharing secret smiles

I love to love everything

About being close to you

I do not crave to take it further

By having sex it’s true

I make love when it feels right to

But it’s the build up and the closeness that’s the best

The mere holding onto each other

Those are the moments I love best

Like watch as the sun rises

And the watching as it sets

Entwined with you

Feeling the warmth of you

Listening to your heart beat in your chest

Just being in this oneness moment

With love at its deepest it

And when we finally do make live

It’s like we are on a spiritual quest

To find some hidden meaning

Or discover the secrets

Of the deepest form of love we can find

And engage it within ours souls

I love to love the sweet tenderness

And feel that perfect skin of yours against mine.

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