Euphoric rise

There are tears in my eyes

But not one of grief

They are tears from being happy

As I euphorically rise from the darkness

From which I feared I was lost

And that I would suffer the cost

But as I fought to the top

And broke the surface

I saw the light and knew once more

That I had been saved

And I regale once again

Within a brand new age

That I am now more resilient than I ever knew

I have been supremely been renewed

Lifted out of darkness into the light

My salvation is euphoric and leaves tears of joy in my eyes

Cut loose from the lies and all I despise

The corruption and the pain

To be saved once again by being of a resilient mind

Biding my time and preparing myself for the climb

I waited patiently for synchronicity to give me a sign

The exploded out of the darkness

Then soared and broke the surface

And now I am in flight

Supreme and euphoric in the light.

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