Hey fam


Hi man

How are you fam

Why do you get so twisted

You need to chill out

You need cool your heels

Don’t get so stressed out

Why are you obsessed about postcodes

Why do want to restrict where people roam

This postcode in which you live you don’t own

You say it’s about respect but that ain’t so

Because stabbing and killing others is the highest disrespect

And the laws of the streets means

It will be your turn next

And for what?

To be respected by your gang

To be feared, that’s massively absurd

You won’t become a legend

And no one will remember you

Not ever those who follow you in your crew.

Hey man I mean no disrespect

But what legacy will be left

Hey fam don’t you no the truth

You throw away your life

And nobody will remember you

Or you rot away in a prison cell

Where you got no choice but to act hard everyday

In a hope that you get through

And that another gang member don’t come after you

And end your life with a blade.

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  1. This is so true! The time they spend on the streets killing and stealing from people is time they could spend doing something positive in their lives and contributing something good to the world. Really loved your thoughts on this, Faux.

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    • Thank you very much. I appreciate they are caught in a poverty trap and they lack access to good education and jobs but that does not stop them aspiring to be better and live more positive and more fulfilled lives.

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      • You’re very welcome! Exactly! I always say life is happening to all of us. True, my struggles may not be your struggles, but everyone is going through something. Like you said, aspire to be better. Why add to the problems we are already having in the world. Life is hard enough, right?

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      • This is why I appreciate your words. They ALWAYS make me think deeply and they bring up really important issues that people can talk about. 🙂

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      • Thank you that is my hope, to inspire and resonate feelings in people, only many don’t seem to approve of my use of poetry for this maybe. But I can be more than just a conduit for broken hearts, it can be a platform for truth. Which is why I appreciate you and everyone who follows me and reads my work so very much. As insignificant and small I maybe, I will never stop putting out positive messages of hope. (steps down off soap box feeling a torch embarrassed lol)

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      • Lol! There’s no need to feel embarrassed with me, Faux. (This comes from a girl who walked in a glass door lol) I totally relate to everything you said and I think using poetry as a platform to speak truth is creative and, frankly, that is what I’ve always tried to do with my music and poetry. Sure, it’s not the conventional method, but if you think about it, the people who have made a huge difference in this world did not do things like everyone else, or the “normal” way. 🙂 Your words are unique and they should always come from that special place within you, regardless of the platform you use. Your readers appreciate your words and the positivity you spread. So, I will be stepping off of MY soap box now… possibly tripping off, because I’m clumsy like that! Lol ☺️

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      • Aww! Thank you, Faux! That made me smile. You are amazing, my friend. Keep shining that beautiful light of yours. ☺️

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